Paintings on display at Mr Kitly, 381 Sydney Road, Brunswick (upstairs) and online

Photograph Published

 I am thrilled to have a photograph published in the October 2106 issue of The Wire. 

The photoshoot for Xylouris White ahead of the release of their album Black Peak was at Sparta Meat Supply on Sydney Road, Brunswick. The proprietor Leonidas  was super friendly. He mentioned he has had bikini clad models photographed there in the past. I have fairly recently started taking photography seriously so it is extra exciting. 

Also used in Spin magazine

Xylouris White - George Xylouris & Jim White, launching their album Black Peak

Xylouris White - George Xylouris & Jim White, launching their album Black Peak



October 7 - November 20 2016

Saturday 8th October  2-4pm

To be launched by Mardi Nowak

Senior Curator Town Hall Gallery

7-27 Snake Gully Drive, Bundoora

Wednesday - Friday 11am-4pm
Saturday - Sunday 12noon-5pm
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 I am continuously intrigued by the manner in which paint pigments blend when manipulated in various ways upon a painting support. The slippery surface of perspex enables unimpeded gestures. The transparency and colour of this material adds another dimension to the work.

Setting myself parameters and working intuitively without anticipating how a painting will proceed allows for the unexpected. Pattern and colour have been an ongoing inspiration for my painting. This recent body of work is loosely inspired by some of the interior decorative features of Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Circular and linear motifs in door frames and the repeated ceiling decoration are of particular interest. There are also links to an early fascination with flowers and the organic, reflected in these paintings.

I completed a PhD last year in which I contextualised my painting practice within abstract traditions over the past 100 years. I examined the work of Paul Klee in the context of the idea of the poetic, Willem de Kooning, through Doubt, Raoul de Keyser and Mary Heilmann via the provisional and performative and Emily Kngwarreye in terms of gesture. It is interesting to consider how the integration of this research has become manifested in this first body of work after an intense period of research and writing.

Completed PhD

Understanding an Intuitive Approach to Abstract Painting

Monash University.


The studio practice undertaken during the period of my PhD candidature is given historical, conceptual and practical context through an exploration of the work of selected painters who have practised over the past century: Paul Klee, Willem de Kooning, Raoul De Keyser, Mary Heilmann, Tomma Abts and Emily Kngwarreye. I share with these artists an interest in the use colour, pattern, movement, the natural world and abstraction. The study of these artists provides a framework to investigate five key themes that arise when considering their practice: the poetic, doubt, the provisional, the performative and gestural. In this study I also refer to the critical and theoretical ideas related to these themes, in particular the writings of Clement Greenberg. I consider his emphasis on the flatness of the canvas, whether the work is abstract or representational, and his views on medium specificity. From this study I have found that abstract painting does not exhaust the possibilities of these themes but generates new prospects.


Here is a link to the Monash University Research Repository for free download of the exegesis.

Anna White PhD